Learning & Development

We build internal capabilities so that staff can execute to the best of their ability. It is with the individual’s knowledge and application of that knowledge that the success of the organization is realized.

We offer:

  • Performance Assessment: Establish if an employee is able to do what (goals) they need to do and how (competencies) they need to do it
  • Development Plans: this is a direct result of the work done in the assessment – create a clear development plan for each individual (three objectives/behaviours/support/specifics)
  • Skill Development: training, mentoring, and coaching to develop an employee’s skills – critical to this piece is the development of leaders to help facilitate this
  • Courses, Workshops and Key Note Speaking: a variety of topics including but not limited to Performance Management, Leadership, Supervisory Skills, Health and Safety, Diversity, Team Building, Myers Briggs Assessment, True Colors Assessment, Performance Dimensions, Culture, Values, Change Management, Professional Writing Workshops, Coaching Conversations, HR 101, Building a High Performing Team, Competencies, Engagement

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