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Recruitment & Retention

We fill your current talent needs and plan or project your future requirements in relation to the core business strategy and operational plans. We also implement retention strategies that help you keep your best workers. Effective HR prepares an organization for staff changes, quickly fills recruitment gaps, and retains your high performers.

We offer:

  • Workforce Plan: Creation of an overall plan that includes a scan of external environmental factors (i.e. industry, demographics, and supply), an internal analysis (e.g. capabilities, key roles, and skills), and a future forecast (e.g. skills, roles, numbers, and timing).
  • Recruitment programs and processes for both Internal (recruitment from within) and External (recruitment from outside sources)
  • Job design, job ads and postings, job descriptions, and effective ongoing advertising
  • Job application assessment tools, interviewing, and employment tests
  • On-boarding programs and processes
  • Employee orientation and follow-up
  • Integration processes and check-lists (pre-during-post recruitment)
  • Retention programs and processes
  • Employer of Choice value proposition creation
  • Engagement surveys and action plans

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